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A Genmaicha from Foojoy

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My first Genmaicha. Usually I drink Chinese teas, or at least Chinese style teas, so this is a bit of a departure for me.

This tea does not retain much of its Sencha characteristics, or at least they are somewhat covered up in the general style. The tea is brewed to a light color, a bit surprising for the aroma and taste. The aroma is a bit like slightly roasted popcorn, which is quite pleasant. The taste is rich and interesting, with the flavor coming mostly from the roasted rice, also with something of a popcorn taste.

Although my description cannot really do this tea justice (I lack the vocabulary for this style), it was enjoyable in every way. With its roasted qualities, it would be an excellent choice for winter or for a rainy day. In Chinese medicine, this would be considered a warming tea.

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