Tea: Iddalgashinna Estate OP Green Organic

A Green Tea from Upton Tea Imports - O Organic

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Iddalgashinna Estate OP Green Organic
Brand:Upton Tea Imports
Style:Green Tea
Region:Uva, Sri Lanka
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Review of Iddalgashinna Estate OP Green Organic

2 of 101 of 51 of 527 of 100
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I tend to love Ceylon green teas from Upton. This one, however, was strange. There were some dusty tones that I normally only encounter in shu Pu-erh. Highly vegetal, and not in a pleasant way. Almost undrinkable hot. I let it cool to room temperature and some fruity tones, reminiscent of yellow raisins, which I found pleasant, and an herbaceous quality a lot like ground ivy or creeping charlie, which I found somewhat unpleasant.

When brewing with 180 degree water, the flavor was weak. By "very clean cup", does Upton mean watery and bland? I could not detect the floral qualities or honey-like sweetness when the cup was hot; upon cooling, it was vaguely honey-like, but not enough to offset the objectionable qualities. When brewing with higher temperature water, the vegetal tones become more unpleasant. I have not found a satisfactory way to brew this tea.

Very disappointing, given that the other Ceylon greens I've tried from Upton have been nothing short of outstanding. One of the few teas I did not enjoy drinking...and surprisingly pricey too.

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