Tea: Earl Grey Filterbags

An Earl Grey Tea from Tazo Tea

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Brand:Tazo Tea
Style:Earl Grey Tea
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Review of Earl Grey Filterbags

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An exceptionally strong Earl Grey, much stronger than any of Tazo's other teas. I recommend steeping a little less than one normally would: 1-2 minutes still yields a strong cup, and then you can get a second infusion.

Aroma is very rich: somewhat malty, moderate bergamot presence, and some lemony tones. Full-bodied.

Very, very bitter: without a doubt the most bitter of any mainstream commercial blend I have tried recently. I normally love bitterness in teas, but I think this one is bordering on too much for me. I imagine that many people would find this tea too much for them, but if you love strong Earl Grey teas and you are accustomed to very bitter drinks like strong black coffee, you might really like this one.

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