Tea: Se Chung

A Se Chung Oolong from Imperial Tea Garden

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Brand:Imperial Tea Garden
Style:Se Chung Oolong
Region:Anxi, Fujian, China
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Review of Se Chung

5 of 103 of 53 of 557 of 100

Greener character, with an aroma that is simultaneously smoky, woody, and floral. Flavor surprisingly clear and clean. However, aftertaste is muddled and slightly more smoky than I like. Medium-bodied. I find it less fruity than the description suggests, and less than a number of other oolongs.

When Se Chung oolongs have this sort of smoky character, I want them to have a bit more woody tones or more roast to them. This one struck me as being too much like a chun mee green tea, but without the bite.

This is not my favorite of the generic or blended se chung oolongs, that title goes to one I have had from Upton Tea Imports, but this is above average for a se chung that is not of a more specific named variety.

The pricing on this tea is funny, there's a big price drop from the 3/4oz to 1 pound option. I'd say it's a very good deal for quality by the pound, but the 3/4oz quantities seem a notch overpriced.

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