Tea: Japanese Ho-ji Cha

A Hojicha from Upton Tea Imports

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Japanese Ho-ji Cha
Brand:Upton Tea Imports
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Review of Japanese Ho-ji Cha

7 of 104 of 54 of 573 of 100
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A rich roasted aroma, fairly mellow flavor, with only a little bitterness. Exactly what I would expect of this style. Some hints of the freshness of green tea remain. Moderate level of roast. A few mildly objectionable tones in the aroma...hard to describe...like a slight stale quality (even though overall the tea was very fresh).

Definitely among the better hojicha's I've tried, and inexpensive among the better ones, although still a little on the pricey side; this is supposed to be an inexpensive tea!

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