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A Bancha from Hime

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An inexpensive, fairly finely-broken Bancha that is of surprising quality for its price. I purchased 8 ounces for $4.39. The only downside is that it is a little tricky to brew well. Contains a lot of stem and broken pieces of large leaves.

Very rich aroma and flavor, but light and fresh. Strongly vegetal, but without the edge that most sencha has; a lot of corn in the aroma as well. Brews a fairly cloudy cup.

This tea is rather picky/particular about brewing. Can easily become very astringent if steeped too long. Very unpleasant if brewed with water that is too hot, bland if water is too cool. I had better results using more leaf and briefer steepings, but good for multiple infusions. Makes outstanding iced tea as well.

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