Tea: TM82: Himalayan TGFOP1

A Black Tea from Upton Tea Imports

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of TM82: Himalayan TGFOP1
Brand:Upton Tea Imports
Style:Black Tea
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Review of TM82: Himalayan TGFOP1

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I ordered this after Upton discontinued one of my favorite teas, the Himalayan BOP (TM20). I was expecting this tea to be similar to that one, but overall, it had less of the qualities that I liked in that tea, and was considerably more expensive (still a good value but not a steal the way that one was), so I am disappointed with Upton's change in catalog on this point. While this was interesting to taste, I would be less likely to order this tea in larger quantities the way I did TM20.

I liked TM20 for its bite: it offered the unique combination of a strong kick, a bright, fresh, brisk flavor, and a light, greener, high-grown character. This tea retains the latter characteristics but loses some of the former. It is more like a Darjeeling that resembles a Bai Hao oolong, and I am not crazy about these teas.

There is not much bitterness and the cup is very sweet, aroma is predominately muscatel grape. There is still more crispness than typical for a Darjeeling with a similar aroma, but less than I would like.

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