Review of Adam's Peak White Tea

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This was an interesting tea, recognizable as white tea, and more like Silver Needle in style than any other style of white tea, but still unlike any other white teas I've tried. I've tried brewing this tea several different ways.

With a briefer infusion and lower-temperature water, it brews a pale amber with a slight pinkish hue. Surprisingly unlike silver needle teas from other regions. The aroma is subtle, but very complex; floral, almost orchid-like, honey-like, also fruity, a faint hint of autumn leaves, but with a suggestion of pine as well. Unfortunately, I found this tea was not good for multiple infusions as it was too weak after the first.

I also tried making a very long infusion using boiling water. This resulted in a similar, pinkish-amber cup, but a much stronger, spicy aroma...cinnamon and nutmeg, but less floral. The strength of the cinnamon aroma is quite astonishing.

To me, this is not an everyday tea, but if you like the more delicate white teas and want to try something genuinely different, I would strongly recommend this one. Quite pricey, however, for someone with my tastes who prefers drinking teas with more bite.

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