Tea: 100 Monkeys

A White Tea from Imperial Tea Garden

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Brand:Imperial Tea Garden
Style:White Tea
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Review of 100 Monkeys

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After enjoying a number of teas I have sampled from Imperial Tea Garden, this tea disappointed me.

The dry leaf is somewhat interesting looking.

You need to use quite a lot of leaf, however, to bring out much flavor. But even using much more leaf than I normally would, it's still bland. I recommend brewing with hotter water than most people do for white tea. This brings out a bolder flavor and more of the toasty qualities.

There's a very light suggestion of melon in the aroma, and some tones suggestive of high-grown green teas I've tried from Darjeeling and Nepal. Flavor is very mild, no bitterness or sourness, but a slight astringency. Toasty qualities in the aroma too.

Although this tea did not have any objectionable qualities, it was weak enough that I would not recommend it. It's also quite pricey. I know I'm a bit biased against more mild, delicate white teas, but I was much more impressed by the Adam's peak white tea from this same company, and that is another relatively delicate white tea that I was able to appreciate much more.

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