Review of 2011 Pre-Qingming Shi Feng Long Jing from Weng Jia Shan

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Somehow this review got lost, so I'm posting it after the fact! This is my favorite dragon well I've tried yet. Most of what I've tried has either been too weak, or had objectionable qualities.

This is a powerful tea...not much leaf is needed to brew a strong cup. If you're used to brewing dragon well, even higher-quality dragon well, you might use too much.

This tea comes out a rich golden, almost pinkish...less green than even most other Chinese green teas.

Aroma is toasty and grassy, with a hint of fruity and skunky tones. Flavor is sharp, but with a cooling quality. I also served this tea to a friend, and she remarked that it tasted like vegetables, particularly asparagus. I did not notice this as much, but I found it interesting how people's perception of a tea could differ.

I made multiple infusions of this tea in a gaiwan, and it retained its flavor so long that I lost track of how many infusions I made. It was at least 7, and it was a shame, we got to where we had had enough tea/caffeine, but I think there was still some flavor left in the leaves.

Bottom line? This is the best lung ching I have tried yet...richer flavor, more kick...very lasting flavor. Complex, pleasing. At $20 for just under an ounce, this tea is not cheap, but given both its quality and how far it stretches, I think it offers much better value than one might realize.

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