Review of Huangshan Maofeng Green Tea

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I can't believe the price on this tea: 6 ounces for $3. I wasn't expecting much, and I was literally blown away. This is an outstanding tea for this price. Many whole leaves, and mostly large, only slightly broken pieces. The leaf is lightly packed and takes up a lot of space. The instructions say to brew with 2-3 grams of leaf; keep in mind that you need to use more than you might think to get this weight, much greater than 1 teaspoon for a typical-strength cup.

I like to use a large heaping teaspoon and brew for 3-4 minutes.

The aroma is pleasingly toasty, a little bit of grassy tones. Flavor is somewhat subdued, a little bite, a faint and pleasant astringency. A slight dusty quality in the aroma, and the aroma is not quite as strong as I would like. But overall, this is a minor complaint. This is a very good tea and I would consider it a steal even if its price were doubled.

This was by no means the best or most interesting green tea I've tried, but it was unparalleled in its price range. Compare to Teavana's Three Kingdoms Mao Feng; this tea is comparable in quality, at about 7 times the price. Teavana's will probably taste a bit better, to someone with a discerning palate, but only a bit.

Widely available at Asian import stores. Packed conveniently in a nice tin. If you want an inexpensive green tea of high quality, try this one, or the same brand's Bi Luo Chun, which I actually prefer (although the two teas are quite different from each other and not directly comparable).

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