Review of Organic Green Tea With Organic Peppermint (Sachet)

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I really prefer blends of green tea with spearmint to those containing peppermint, but given that this is a peppermint blend, I think it is quite outstanding.

The peppermint has a candy-like quality, clean, clear, and suggesting sweetness. The base tea is smooth, slightly sweet, and believe it or not, blends seamlessly with the peppermint so I'm not quite able to tell where one ends and the other begins.

The base tea also has some complexity and depth, with a toasty quality, and some grassy tones. I appreciate that Harney and Sons has used a high-quality base tea for this blend. In my opinion, that, and the subdued peppermint, is what makes this without a doubt the best peppermint + green tea pairing I have tried yet.

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