Review of Ti Kuan Yin (Oolong Goddess)

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This is a very balanced Tie Guan Yin. It is darker than a lot of the modern green Chinese Oolongs, but lighter than some of the traditional dark roast ones. The cup comes out a dark amber or light brown.

The aroma is slightly floral, with a hint of woody tones. Very full-bodied; slightly honey-like upon drinking. Relatively smooth. Clean, herbaceous finish, leaving a fresh feeling on the palate.

Unfortunately, I only had a small sample so I did not get to experiment much with brewing, but I was happy with how this one turned out. This struck me as a very good tea and I think it would be a good choice if you want a middle-of-the-road Tie Guan Yin in terms of oxidation and roast. Somewhat pricey, but this tea doesn't have any major weak points that came out.

One quibble, Adagio recommends 180 degree water for this one. I think it comes out better with boiling water!

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