Review of Wuyi Ensemble (Wuyi Oolong)

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Although this tea looks very dark in color, it had a slightly greener character among Wuyi oolongs. Aroma has a hint of smokiness, and some woody qualities, but primarily a background of honey-like smoothness that is fairly floral. The finish is clean and herbaceous, leaving a fresh taste of celery on the palate.

This also tasted a lot more like a medium-roast Tie Guan Yin than any other Wuyi oolong I've ever tried. I'm not quite sure what to make of this. It was good, but unexpected.

Good for multiple infusions, but I find that the smoky qualities leave quickly after the first infusion, leaving mostly celery and herbaceous qualities.

This tea is priced so that buying 8 ounces in much cheaper than buying 1.5; keep that in mind when buying it. My opinion is that for the larger quantity, it's reasonably priced. The small quantity is bordering on overpriced for me. But price aside, I will say this is one of the better Wuyi oolongs I've tried...especially since it can be hard to find oolongs that have that dark, smoky quality but preserve the floral, herbaceous, and honey-like qualities as well.

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