Tea: 2 Doves Silver Needle

A Silver Needle from Imperial Tea Garden

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Brand:Imperial Tea Garden
Style:Silver Needle
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Review of 2 Doves Silver Needle

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I want to preface this review by saying that I tend not to be a huge fan of silver needle tea in general; I prefer darker, more full-bodied white teas. I tend to always think that silver needle is overpriced.

Silvery-white leaves brew a darkish colored cup, especially dark for a silver needle. Used leaves show a pale green color with olive edges.

Compared to other silver needle teas I've tried, this tea is a lot less floral, but has more crisp, herbaceous tones. The aroma suggests celery, but not in the same way that many greener oolongs do; aroma is also a bit dusty. There's a faint hint of melon-like qualities, and a fairly strong peppery finish, almost like some Yunnan black teas. The peppery quality makes this tea seem full-bodied.

Quite different. I appreciate the fresher, cooler taste. At this price, it would certainly not become an everyday tea for me. But it was certainly worth trying.

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