Tea: Traditional Guayusa (Teabags)

A Guayusa from Runa

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

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I was very curious to try this. It is more tea-like than Yerba mate...less sweet, I find. Definitely similar to Yerba mate, more so than any other drink, but still fairly distinct. Brews a fairly clear brown cup with a slight greenish tinge.

Aroma is hard to describe...almost perfumey, but in a subdued way. Reminds me of some oolong teas, Chinese oolongs with a medium roast and a floral character. There's also a grainy quality to the aroma, smooth, and sweet, almost like oatmeal. Aroma is very complex. Flavor is slightly sweet, with a hint of bitterness and some sourness.

I like the way this makes me feel more than Yerba Mate; whereas Yerba Mate is more relaxing and not as energizing (to me), the effect of drinking this guayusa seemed more like drinking tea...a smooth but slight boost to alertness and energy.

I definitely prefer this to any of Runa's flavored blends, although I do think their offerings of flavored guayusa are not bad.

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