Review of Hand-Processed Wuyi Shui Xian Grade I

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Dry leaf has an intense aroma of cocoa. Upon brewing the tea, the aroma becomes much more complex.

I brewed this tea western style and was surprised at how many infusions it lasted through. It is rare for me to find teas that can hold up to three long infusions, using less leaf. This tea lasted through four.

Although this is classified as "Heavy Roast", it is not among the darkest roasted oolongs I've tried, and it has a certain lightness to it. Aroma is complex: there is a hint of the cocoa tones, mainly in the finish...the aroma is initially more vegetal. Flavor extremely smooth, slightly sweet.

Second infusion is even more enjoyable, honey-like, floral, herbaceous. Almost buttery...although it's dark in color, the flavor suggests a greener oolong, and there's still only a hint of roast in the aroma.

Third infusion has less roast and more floral and herbaceous qualities. It has a creamy quality, but also a tanginess that was absent in the first two infusions.

Fourth infusion was similarly herbaceous, and lighter, cleaner in overall quality.

This was an outstanding tea and is definitely among my favorite of the Wuyi oolongs that I've sampled yet.

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