Tea: Creme au Chocolat

A Flavored Black Tea from Tiesta Tea

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Brand:Tiesta Tea
Style:Flavored Black Tea
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Aroma of the dry leaf suggests a syrupy-sweet chocolate...it makes me wonder if the chocolate chips used also contain liberal amounts of vanilla or some other flavoring. There even seems to be a hint of candied cherry in the aroma. I can't smell the base tea. Not much true chocolate / cocoa in the aroma.

Upon brewing as recommended, the aroma of the actual liquor is much more subdued, although more or less similar. There's not much noticeable black tea presence in the aroma. Flavor is muted, and odd...somewhat metallic. Aftertaste has a slight bitterness and astringency which does not blend well with the creamy quality of the chocolate.

In my opinion, this blend really does not work well, at least to someone with my tastes. I like chocolate/cocoa and I think it has the potential to blend well with tea, but I like pure chocolate, or pure cooca kernels, rather than flavored chocolate like in the candy bars you buy at the store--I stopped eating these years ago and no longer enjoy them. The chocolate in this blend tastes more like the mass-produced, overly-sweet candy bars you buy at the supermarket, and less like baking chocolate, cocoa kernels, or the 70%-85% that I like to eat on a daily basis. So in other words, it does not satisfy my chocolate cravings...it just seems fleeting and transient.

To boot, it's quite pricey. I'm just not tasting the quality to back up the price.

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