Tea: Yunnan Silvertip Green Tea

A Green Tea from Upton Tea Imports

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Yunnan Silvertip Green Tea
Brand:Upton Tea Imports
Style:Green Tea
Region:Yunnan, China
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Review of Yunnan Silvertip Green Tea

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Something tasted very off about this tea. Dry leaf has a very strong aroma of camphor, to the point that it's unpleasant.

My friend Evan and I tried gong fu brewing with this tea and the results were poor. The camphor quality dominated, and, while the tea was certainly somewhat interesting, it wasn't among the most enjoyable experience. Evan remarked that it tasted a lot like fresh raw Pu-erh, very edgy and not ready for drinking yet; I think I agreed with this analysis. Bitter and astringent, in an unpleasant way....many different unpleasant qualities in the aroma.

I experimented a bit with brewing this tea on my own and I found, however, that using a sparing amount of leaf, brewing with low-temperature water, and brewing for 3 minutes, produced only slightly better results.

Brewed in this manner, there was still some camphor in the aroma, but the tones of melon also started to come out, and the overall cup was more vegetal. Still, it wasn't particularly enjoyable to me.

Something was just very off about this tea.

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