Review of Chinese Breakfast™ - Yunnan Black Tea

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A classic Yunnan black tea, unusually smooth for a tea bag. Aroma is complex, with hints of cocoa, wood, and fruit. Peppery finish, characteristic of Yunnan teas.

I recommend a longer steeping time (5+ min). This tea is not as aromatic as a loose-leaf Yunnan, and its flavor is mild so you can steep it for a long time without it becoming too bitter or astringent.

A very well-executed tea and the first Yunnan I've had in a tea bag, among the best black teas I have had yet from a simple tea bag. Yet fairly expensive for what it is. For the price of a box of 16 bags, I could order far more loose-leaf tea. This is something I'd be happy to order in a cafe but it is priced too high relative to loose-leaf tea for me to buy it for regular use.

I will note, however, that it does have organic and fair trade certification, so factoring this into the price may make it seem more reasonable.

I do have one final comment. I notice Numi claims a trademark on the name Chinese Breakfast. This seems an overzealous attempt at trademarking, and it makes a somewhat bad impression on me, like the company is trying to overreach with its branding or intellectual property. Numerous other companies already have teas by this name. This was a bit off-putting to me, enough that I feel like mentioning it in this review.

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