Review of Flowering Jasmine Teas (Fairy Lily)

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This one was just odd. The aroma was predominately of olive, like good, strong Kalamata olives. I've had olive-like tones in tea before, and they can be pleasant, but I've never encountered a tea dominated by this aroma.

The olive lingers on the palate, leaving a salty, sour, and savory taste, much like I actually just munched on some actual Kalamata olives.

I made two infusions, each of three minutes. The tea was slow to infuse, and was not wholly unfurled after the first steeping, but was completely unfurled one minute into the second steeping. The first cup was very light with nothing other than olive in the aroma. The second was much darker, and had a much more tea-like flavor. It was still dominated by the olive-like tones, but now had a noticeable tobacco-like quality and some toasty tones as well, with only a hint of jasmine. It left a metallic taste on the palate and was a bit more bitter and sour.

Bizarre, just bizarre. And I would not drink it again.

But the bloom was really beautiful.

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