Tea: Organic Jasmine Green Tea

A Jasmine Tea from Novus Tea - O Organic

Picture of Organic Jasmine Green Tea
Brand:Novus Tea
Style:Jasmine Tea
Region:Hunan, China
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Review of Organic Jasmine Green Tea

7 of 104 of 54 of 577 of 100
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This is the best Jasmine tea I've had from a tea bag. It is better than a lot of loose-leaf jasmine tea I've tried.

Exceptionally smooth for a jasmine. Floral without being perfumey. Base tea is vegetal and mellow like a very good pouchong / bao zhong. The base tea has a strong floral character and it's hard to tell where the tea ends and the jasmine begins. Seamless. Flavor is naturally sweet.

I recommend making a brief (about 1 minute infusion) followed by a second one. Comes out just perfect (for my tastes) when brewed with 180 degree water.

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