Tea: Woo-jeon Korean Green Tea

A Green Tea from Upton Tea Imports

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Woo-jeon Korean Green Tea
Brand:Upton Tea Imports
Style:Green Tea
Region:South Korea
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Review of Woo-jeon Korean Green Tea

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This tea struck me as having a very typical green tea profile, but being very good, and in an intense sort of way. It is intense more than it is strong.

The dry leaf is wiry, very dark green, and consisting of small leaves. Its aroma is strong and suggests a savory quality. The dry leaf smells rather strongly, a sort of bold flavor that I would describe as being a lot like gyokuro but with the vegetal tones replaced by the toasty tones of a Chinese pan-fired green tea.

I brewed per Upton's recommendations, 3 minutes at 180F. Although I only had a small sample to experiment with, I think these are good recommendations for this tea.

The flavor is bold but smooth, very slightly tangy, with considerable sweetness and a strong savory / umami quality. Upton says this tea has a "brothy character" and I agree, but I would not call it light. The aroma is a bit like gyokuro but with fewer vegetal tones, somewhat toasty and grassy. Finish is sweet, with lingering tones of celery. Aroma is strong, but not terribly complex.

Surprisingly filling: although it is not particularly strong, I find it difficult to drink any quicker than in gradual sips. It also seems quite highly caffeinated to me.

The price on this tea is astronomical, about $2.2 per gram. Is it worth it? This is a tough one. I will say, this tea was very good, but it was not one of my all-time-favorite green teas. It can be brewed with less leaf than you would normally use, and infused several times. But even if you brew a few cups with a small amount of leaf, it's still over $1 a cup, and I think it's too pricey for me to buy regularly.

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