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A Green Tea from Bigelow Tea

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Brand:Bigelow Tea
Style:Green Tea
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It's funny, the other reviewers comment on how they've had this one in office buildings, and I also have memories of drinking it in an office too.

Recognizable as a Chinese tea (some brands, like Twinings, use Japanese tea or at least a Japanese style of tea for their basic green tea), but otherwise somewhat generic. Golden amber in color, not very vegetal or grassy, and rather flat tasting. Flavor is somewhat muted: I think I prefer green teas that are both sharper and more aromatic.

To my tastes, Bigelow offers some much better flavored teas and herbal blends. And in this price range, Ten Ren and Foojoy both offer Chinese green teas I strongly prefer to this one.

That said, I still find this tea drinkable, and there are a lot of green teas in tea bags that I find much worse--and completely unpalatable. So Bigelow does have something going with this one!

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