Review of Green Rooibos - Sweet African Red

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I thought I'd try something new when I saw this box of tea at my local health food store and remember seeing Rooibos on the list of teas on this site, so I bought a box.

I wasn't sure of how it smelled until I got home as the box was sealed as were the bags, but it has a nice sweet "grassy" scent.

The green rooibos taste came as a pleasant surprise as light and sweet, and a bit grassy. When my son went to South Africa and asked his niece what she would like to have brought back, she asked for a "piece of Africa." She got a sealed vial of red Botswana dirt. Likewise, I feel as though this tea gave me a "taste of Africa," in its grasslands. Very nice.

This is a tea I will keep on hand in the pantry. Not to most sophisticated tea I've ever had, but something different and pleasant.

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