Review of Golden Chai™ - Spiced Assam Black Tea

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This chai is average, today I almost made 99 percent of beautiful chai as being drink In India, making a base of assam golden tip Koenga Tea estate second flush hard boiled for 5 minutes. Added milk and boild the mixuture with 2 cloves, 2 black pepper, a green cardomom and small stick of cardomom. The liquor was thick brown chai with not so dominating aroma of spices, the result was more of tea flavour and less ofspices. This is chai. I have seen most of the company offer loose leaf tea for making chai with added spices. For the best result CTC is recommended. The companies should offer CTC mixed with a tinge of few flavoured spices more of green cardomom , cloves. To finish the iquour at last I use few tinges if safron to enoy my daily cuppa of chai.

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