Tea: Jun Chiyabari Himalayan Evergreen

A Green Tea from Rare Tea Republic

This tea has been retired/discontinued.

Picture of Jun Chiyabari Himalayan Evergreen
Brand:Rare Tea Republic
Style:Green Tea
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Review of Jun Chiyabari Himalayan Evergreen

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Of all the green teas I've tried from India, this one was the closest to an actual, high-quality Chinese green tea, in character, yet it was still quite different.

Aroma complex: highly vegetal, with tones of asparagus, but with toasty qualities as well. Flavor is deep but clean. When steeped longer and at a higher temperature, it comes out edgier and more grassy.

Very pleasing!

Even after steeping for 4 minutes, I was able to produce a very flavorful second infusion. This infusion was reminiscent of long-leaf greens that I've tried, such as Tai Ping Hou Kui, or long-leaf greens of the Assamica cultivar.

Lasted through a 3rd infusion, still fairly flavorful. Similar to the second cup.

I tried brewing gong fu style, and the results were not as interesting. This tea infuses slowly and the infusions were blander than I had expected. If I had had enough leaf I might try it again and use either more leaf or longer steeping times. Gong fu brewing produced lighter cups with skunky and vegetal tones initially, followed by more bitter and grassy qualities coming out later. Brewed this way, the initial infusions tasted more like Darjeeling greens and the later ones like Chinese greens.

Bottom line? A very interesting tea, and I'm very glad I tried it, and enjoyed it greatly. I'm not sure I'd want it as an everyday tea though. It changes character greatly depending on how it is brewed.

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