Tea: Peach DeTox

A Wellness Tea / Medicinal Tea from Yogi Tea - O Organic

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Brand:Yogi Tea
Style:Wellness Tea / Medicinal Tea
Caffeine:Caffeine Free
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Review of Peach DeTox

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The aroma is of strong ginger and spice with some vague fruitiness.

Taste begins dry and herbal; numbing on tongue; perhaps the black pepper? As it covers the tongue, you get a hit of dandelion; it tastes so "good for you" but not necessarily unpleasant. The ginger takes over, and leaves a ginger and black pepper tingling finish. The fruit is just dancing around in the background, never really asserting itself.

Value: these are expensive, and I drink them two to a mug because of a shipping error by an online seller. With only one to a mug, they are purely medicinal with a watery and vaguely spicy taste. All that to say this is a terrible value unless you are buying for health reasons.

Overall: I hated this tea when I first tried it, but it has grown on me quite a bit. I will be saddened when I finish the last of these, but I won't be buying it again anytime soon.

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