Review of Woman’s Raspberry Leaf

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I'm a man, and I know this is usually marketed as a women's health product, but I really like raspberry leaf, and I drink it mainly for flavor. The package says "Strengthens the female system." and, at least from my experience, I think this assertion is true--I like drinking this herb and I certainly have a lot of strong women in my life.

Back to the drink: raspberry leaf is one of the few caffeine-free herbal teas that I find to be a lot like black tea, the other being rooibos. But raspberry leaf and rooibos are not at all similar to each other, and I find they appeal to me in different ways.

This particular raspberry leaf is pleasing and aromatic. It is slightly less bitter, and has a lighter liquor than other examples that I've sampled. There is a pleasing, fresh herbaceous quality, especially if you can get tea bags from Yogi that are relatively fresh. When the tea bags are a bit older, I find the color is a bit darker and the aroma is a little more like the leaves in the raspberry patch in autumn, rather than the fresh herbaceous quality of a raspberry thicket in summer.

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spaflam wrote:
on May 16th, 2013

This made me chuckle!

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