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A Keemun from TeaVivre

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Region:Qimen, Anhui, China
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I liked this tea right from the start, but the more I drank this tea, the more it has grown on me. Very full-bodied, intense flavor, smooth. Fruity, with a fair amount of smokiness. Relatively little leaf is needed for a bold-flavored cup. Surprisingly, I like this a lot better than the Keemun Hao Ya from the same company, TeaVivre.

This is a lot like the sort of Keemun I think of as forming a high-grade, traditional (old-fashioned) English Breakfast tea. It is also a very accessible tea that I think would be very easy for a wide range of people to appreciate.

Western-style, easily makes two strong infusions. The first cup had an unusually clear liquor for how strong it was. The second infusion, which I steeped a long time, was cloudier but slightly less flavorful, but still very good. Brewing this way, I steeped a little less than 3 minutes followed by a little more than 5 minutes.

Brewing Gong-fu style, I lost track of the number of infusions. This tea kept delivering a rich flavor and complex aroma. Both flavor and aroma were remarkably consistent through each infusion, it did not change much. I found this tea produced better results when served in smaller cups, using more leaf, and many, brief infusions--it seemed to last longer than when brewed western-style, in contrast to a lot of black teas that I actually prefer western-style. However, I like it both ways.

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