Review of Huang Shan Mao Feng Green Tea

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Short summary: very smooth, extremely pleasing flavor, not the strongest aroma, and picky on brewing temperature. Exceptionally smooth for this price.

Dry leaf is intensely aromatic, and packed very loosely. A lot of leaf (by volume) is needed to produce a normal-strength cup.

I found this tea was picky about brewing, and that there was a very narrow range of temperatures in which it tasted good, but it was worth figuring it out, because "in the zone" this tea tasted fantastic! Below 180F it was too bland, but too much above 185F it acquired an "off" aroma. Brewed the way I like, somewhere in between, it was exquisite, however.

When brewing in a larger mug, I found that much of the flavor sinks to the bottom of the cup. Upon sipping the brewed cup, the aroma is rather weak, but the flavor is pleasing. There is a fairly present umami or savory quality, but it is light and not overwhelming. There is some sweetness and a hint of sourness, and very little bitterness.

Aroma is very pleasing, but relatively faint and subtle. Aroma is a little like freshly cut grass, slightly floral, and also quite vegetal. Towards the end of the cup, some woody tones come out. This tea struck me as very delicate. When brewed with water that is too hot, I found it tasted a bit soapy.

A bit on the price, I think this is another tea offering very good value. I have had the opportunity to sample some Mao Feng green tea of a broad range of prices lately. TeaSpring sells some Huang shan Mao Feng for over 3 times the price of this offering. While that tea is certainly more aromatic, I think that in this price range, I was really impressed, and for an everyday tea, I'd rather buy this one. This tea is also much smoother than lower (bargain-priced) tea I've seen sold as Huang Shan mao feng.

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