Review of Lapsang Souchong Superior Grade

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This was the first traditional Lapsang Souchong that I've tried, and I must say, I'm a tremendous fan. It is among my favorite Chinese black teas that I have sampled. Yet another impressive tea from Life in Teacup.

Although there is a hint of pine evident in the aroma, the overwhelming smokiness characteristic of the British-style Lapsang Souchong is completely absent. The aroma is rich and chocolately, almost like dark chocolate or a lightly-roasted coffee, or some roasted Yerba mate. The tea is full-bodied but smooth, and very complex. Flavor is bold but without being overly tannic, not much astringency and only a pleasant bitterness. Overall character is similar to a Keemun, with less fruitiness and more of the cocoa-like quality. Also, a little like large-leaf Ceylons.

Very pleasing to drink! This is, however, a pricey tea. I can't say it's a bargain buy, but I do think it has the quality to back up the price.

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