Review of Green Tea Super Antioxidant

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It's too earthy. It just does not have a flavor or aroma that stands up to the other varieties of Yogi green teas the way I hoped it would. I would like to be able to speak for its medicinal qualities and say that is the real reason you should buy it, but I cannot report feeling any healthier after drinking this tea for a week than I feel after a week of drinking Yogi's pomegranate Green Tea (of course, pomegranate has antioxidant qualities, as well).

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on May 14th, 2012

I also found an objectionable earthy quality to this tea (and I tend to like earthy qualities in other teas, like Pu-erh or Keemun). I'm also skeptical of the fact that they've supplemented this tea with antioxidants. I've seen some evidence that supplementation in this manner isn't healthy, in contrast to getting antioxidants naturally from whole foods or natural drinks. My personal inclination would be to drink actual teas, herbal teas, or blends...not only do they taste better, but based on what I know of science, I think they may be healthier as well.

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