Review of Green Rooibos (Rooibos, Green Tea)

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Upon sampling the green rooibos from Mountain Rose Herbs, this became a new favorite for me, and my new preferred source of green rooibos.

Although the dry leaf is light green in color, I found that the flavor of this was more similar to red rooibos than other green rooibos samples. Brews a light orange color.

It was rather similar to Rishi's green rooibos, which has since been discountinued, and given that both are organic and fair trade certified, I wonder if this herb was produced by the same source.

Aroma very pleasing: fresh, light, and clean, with some fruity and grassy tones. Makes an outstanding iced tea, I find, more refreshing than red rooibos.

Price is a steal, given the quality, and that it is both organic and fair trade certified. I've sampled both green and red rooibos that I liked less and that were neither organic nor fair trade, that were higher priced than this batch. I would recommend this source of green rooibos over all others.

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