Review of Darjeeling, Dooteriah Estate - 2nd Flush

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The dry leaf of this tea has the greenest color of any second flush Darjeeling I've ever seen. When brewed, the result is rather oolong-like.

Color is a light amber, lighter than most 2nd Flush Darjeeling. Very clean, crisp, mouthfeel, with considerable sweetness. Slightly edgy and tangy but with little astringency.

Aroma fruity and slightly vegetal: strong presence of muscatel grape, but also suggestions of candied orange, and some unusual vegetal qualities that remind me more of zucchini or squash than anything else.

Makes three infusions, easily, when brewed Western-style, but the first was the most enjoyable to me. The price seems intermediate among high quality second flush teas, not cheap but not super pricey either. Good value, especially given that this tea makes more infusions than I am used to in black tea.

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