Review of Cardamon Tea (Cardamom Tea, Loose)

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This is a classic black tea flavored with cardamom for a very intense cardamom aroma. I wouldn't exactly call this "lightly flavored" with cardamom, but as cardamom is my favorite spice for blending with tea, I like the results.

The dry leaf looks like an orthodox tea of good quality, large broken pieces, and a little bit of tip visible. The aroma of the dry leaf is strongly of cardamom, and is almost overpowering--like opening up a jar of pure cardamom pods. I like this.

This tea is easy to brew. It produces moderate strength using 1 teaspoon of leaf and a 3 minute steeping, and it slowly becomes stronger the longer you let it steep. The base tea is pleasing and blends well with the cardamom. The base tea, while robust and full-bodied, has a cooling quality to it, like high-grown Indian teas and less like Chinese teas.

I'd recommend this tea to anyone who wants a traditional Middle-eastern-style blend of Cardamom and black tea. This blend tastes very similar to the blends I've been served in a number of good middle-eastern restaurants. And if you haven't tried this sort of blend, and you like Cardamom, I'd recommend doing so.

I also think this tea offers outstanding value. Outside of Ahmad's other loose-leaf offerings, I have been unable to find any tea of this quality for this price.

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