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A Green Tea from Mountain Rose Herbs - O Organic

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Brand:Mountain Rose Herbs
Style:Green Tea
Region:Zhejiang, China
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An organic tea of very good quality for a very good price!

Loose leaf has a very dark green color and a pungency suggesting fruity, grassy, and herbaceous qualities. The leaf is slow to unfurl and infuses quite slowly.

Upon brewing, the tea is surprisingly light in color and has an aroma equally suggesting of lightness. Flavor is clean, sweet, with a noticeable umami (savory) quality. Aftertaste in slighty bitter. Aroma is highly grassy, somewhat fruity, and also nutty.

Easily brews three infusions, 3 minutes followed by 5 minutes. First cup is stronger, second richer in color and more herbaceous and toasty. Some interesting aspects of aroma come out in later infusions.

Very pleasant! Similar in overall character to the Foojoy's Triple-Cup extra green, also a high-grown green tea from Zhejiang, which was one of my favorite everyday teas, and was unfortunately discontinued. This tea is not only organic certified, but lower-priced as well.

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