Review of Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea (Mo Li Yin Zhen)

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Yet another Chinese tea from TeaVivre, of very high quality that is exactly what I'd expect for its style.

Dry leaf extremely aromatic, with an intense Jasmine aroma that is almost overwhelming. Looks like a typical silver needle, very attractive-looking, delicate silvery buds with downy white hair.

Upon brewing, a 2 minute steeping as recommended, with about 185 degree water, this produced a very pale cup with a surprisingly bold flavor.

Aroma is dominantly of jasmine, with a somewhat perfumey character, but with strong undertones of melon, suggestive of honeydew. Flavor is sweet, but still rather bold. Little astringency and the finish is very smooth. Relatively thin-bodied, but this can be remedied by longer steeping times.

Produces three very flavorful infusions. Although the first had the strongest jasmine aroma, there was still a bold jasmine presence in the second cup. The third cup had a noticeably hint of jasmine but was more like a silver needle. Still very flavorful, however. The flavor and mouthfeel of the cup stayed remarkably consistent throughout, when I used roughly 2 minute, 3 minute, and 5 minute infusions.

Impressive. Good price; this tends to be an expensive type of tea, and this price seems very reasonable for a tea of this quality. However, I will say, I would probably not buy this tea on my own because I'd rather put my money towards green or black teas, of which TeaVivre has many excellent options that are closer to my favorite types of tea.

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