Review of Organic/Biodynamic Darjeeling Autumnal

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I tend to love everything that comes out of Makaibari estate, and this tea is no exception. I still think I prefer their first flush and long-leaf greens, but this was another very good tea, and people who like darker black teas might actually prefer this one.

A fairly complex Darjeeling. Powerful grape-like aroma, strongly fruity, yet with some brisk undertones as well. Light character but still packs a punch. Moderate bitterness, more than I'd expect for a tea with this aroma. Little astringency or sourness...just how I like it.

A very pleasing tea. Good for someone who wants a tea that has a classic Darjeeling character but also is slightly more robust and full-bodied.

Very reasonable price, even inexpensive, relative to a tea of this quality, especially one with biodynamic and organic certification.

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