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An Assam from Two Leaves and a Bud - O Organic

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Brand:Two Leaves and a Bud
Region:Assam, India
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One of the best things I like about this tea is the Aroma, Has a great aroma, Very great Aroma this has, The best Aroma there is actually in my opinion. Very strong, The way I like it. I like it when there are guests here, When you just want a cup of tea with your breakfast I really don't recommend this tea. I recommend the normal English Breakfast Tea that people normally have. Such as Earl Grey, Or PG Tips. This is a pretty good value also because you just need abit and if you go to the supermarket it is very cheap for alot, I hate the Teabags for Assam Tea. I personally prefer the loose tea and when drinking it to leave the chopped up loose Tea Leaves inside it. I love it in the night, But I don't really drink it when I am just about to go to bed and I don't recommend you to either. This tea is not very good in the morning. Also it leaves the Tea cup very Aromatic after you drink it or put Honey with it. I recommend also after/if you put Honey with your cup of Assam Tea I don't really like the Aroma being left in the cup because if I have a different brand of tea afterwards, Assam ruins the Aroma of my next cup of tea/coffee. So this tea is pretty good overall. Love the Aroma, In my Opinion it is the aroma of this Tea is great!

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