Review of Chuan Tong Tie Guan Yin (Old Style Tie Guan Yin) Anxi Wulong 2011

6 of 104 of 52 of 560 of 100

Sampled in a blind tea tasting hosted by Evan Draper. Thanks, Evan, for the tea and the brewing!

This was the first tea we sampled, and was among my favorites of the batch.

Aroma was woody, toasty, and floral, in all infusions. First infusion was light and predominately aromatic. Second was more bitter and considerably astringent, and heavier as well. Third infusion was sweeter, and fourth was also pleasant.

I liked this tea but it was not my favorite example of this type. The aroma was too woody for me, and there was too much astringency. I've had similar teas in this style, and for a similar price, such as ones from Life in Teacup, which had stronger floral and herbaceous tones in the aroma (which I like) but markedly less astringency, with a similar level of roast.

This was an enjoyable tea for me to drink, but for the price, I'd prefer any number of other teas.

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