Review of Cranberry & Raspberry (Formerly Cranberry, Raspberry & Elderflower)

4 of 101 of 52 of 540 of 100

This Tea at a start has a brilliant aroma, But after smelling it for a few seconds you can smell that bitter taste of this disappointing tea. This tea is not what I expected, Especially after the aroma at the start. This was not what I expected from Twinings at all! When you taste it you taste this bitter tea that instantly disappoints you. Buy another Tea. First the Aroma is stunning but then bitter. The taste is absolutely horrifying. I would rather drink one that is filter through a dirty sock someone who just went jumping in puddles. So for a while the aroma is not very bad but then after that it gets to the bitterness. When I first tasted this I absolutely hated it. Do not buy this tea. Even Assam that I do not like I would rather drink than this. Very Disappointing Twinings. My second tea of theirs and I absolutely hated it. Will think twice when buying another Herbal Twinings Tea.

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