Review of Emperor's Puerh - Black Tea

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Pu-erh has a very distinct aroma, and some may find it off-putting, but I love it. The aroma reminds me of a rich,earthy, smell, almost similar to a pile of autumn leaves. As to be expected from a fermented smells like it has been fermented! I find this Pu-erh really brings out the earthy aroma that a lot of bagged Pu-erh teas lack.

The flavor is very rich and again very earthy. The packaging claims that the flavor is supposed to be malty but to be honest I do not taste the malt (which is not a deterrent in my case since I do not like malty things) The flavor is very good for a boxed Pu-erh and it fills the craving until you can get loose (or brick)

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