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I only had one teabag to play with, and I think I brewed it badly. I followed the instruction on the packet to brew it for five minutes. It didn't say what temperature to use, so I guessed 175F or so, which I think was a mistake.

Aroma-wise, the leaves were pleasantly citrusy, but once I brewed it, the aroma turned intensely vegetal. As for the taste, it had that 'umami' quality I've come to associate with Japenese-style tea, but entirely too much of it. The strongest taste was of seaweed, and not in a good way. It overpowered everything else.

I suspect if I had tried a shorter steeping time, or a lower temperature, it might have come out better. Moral of the story: don't always listen to the package instructions.

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Alex Zorach wrote:
on December 6th, 2012

My experience is that this particular tea is very sensitive to brewing temperature, and that it does best with lower temperatures. I can see if I can get you another couple of tea bags some time in the near future! It's not my favorite Japanese green tea, but I find that once I figured out how to brew it to my satisfaction, it was above average.<br /> <br /> Either way, it is always intensely vegetal it may just not be your cup of tea.

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