Review of Bilouchun Green Tea

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I came across this randomly at an Chinese supermarket in Philadelphia, and like the last reviewer, I think it's one of the better bargains I've ever run across. I've been using it as a nice 'everyday' sort of green tea for a while now. The large six ounce tin I bought for about four dollars is still going strong.

After a bit of experimenting at the beginning, I pretty much always brew it the same way now - at about 175 degrees for three minutes - and the result is always good. The leaves smell of grass, and the taste comes off to me as primarily grassy with a little pleasant bitterness and a little sweetness. I did have the same experience as the previous reviewer, which is that when I overbrew it, the taste turns metallic really fast.

Still, it's astonishingly cheap for something this tasty. I often find myself making it for guests as an un-fussy green tea whose light bitterness goes well with sweet snacks, especially fruit. It always gets compliments.

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