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An Earl Grey Tea from Rishi Tea - O Organic

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Brand:Rishi Tea
Style:Earl Grey Tea
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A strong Earl Grey. Brewed as instructed, I unfortunately did not have much to experiment with, but the first time was satisfying to me so I'm writing a good review!

Dry leaf is strongly aromatic, and has a unique aroma. Brews a rich, dark color. The base tea has a strong presence, with a rich, warming quality.

Rishi uses Yunnan tea as the base tea and this shows--I find most Earl Grey (which often uses Ceylon or similar teas as a base) has more of a cooling quality, but this was more warming, making it better for winter.

Moderately astringent, tannic.

Quite a good price for a tea of this quality which is also both organic and fair trade certified! The only contender I can think of in the arena of flavor is Harney and Sons' Earl Grey Imperial, but it is only available in Sachets, not loose, and as such, strikes me as a bit overpriced.

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