Review of Organic Idulgashinna Estate Ceylon Green Tea

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A dark-colored green tea with a brisk character, reminiscent of gunpowder or chun mee. Produces a bold cup that is more flavorful than aromatic.

Aroma is mild and herbaceous, a little dusty and suggestive of smokiness, and flavor is quite sour and a little sharp. Has a strong cooling quality. If it were summer, I'd be tempted to try it iced, as it has an almost lemony tang to it.

Quite inexpensive for a whole-leaf, fair-trade and organic certified tea. It does work well with multiple infusions, retaining a similar character in each cup. Price is a steal when you consider how well this tea works with multiple infusions--I wish I liked this tea more than I do though. It's decent but not a favorite.

I found this tea to be drinkable and bold flavored, but the aroma was weak and uninteresting. So far I've been more impressed with the black and oolong teas I've tried from Arbor Teas.

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