Review of Royal English Breakfast

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I enjoyed this in a Barnes and Noble cafe. Compared to Tazo Awake, I prefer this tea pretty solidly. It's perhaps a bit mellower, but I think more complex and smoother.

This was a solid black breakfast tea. It didn't quite scream "English" the way some English Breakfast blends did, but it did strike me as a typical black tea, moderate strength, moderate body.

I thought it was held back a bit by the paper cup it was served in; this tea would do better to be served in a proper teacup or mug.

Although this was a pleasant tea, I'd be unlikely to buy it in sachets, as it seems overpriced. Like many of Harney's teas in their line of whole-leaf-sachets-in-tins, I thought this one was good to drink while served it in a cafe, but not worth the price to buy on my own, when it competes against Harney's very reasonably priced loose-leaf teas.

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