Review of Organic Superfine Keemun Fragrant Black Tea

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I find it interesting how different people I have given this tea to have perceived it differently. I thought it a top-notch tea, but I also found that it doesn't have as much of a universal appeal as some high-quality teas.

Dry leaf is pleasingly aromatic, and shares a lot of qualities in common with top-quality black teas of many types, including Yunnan, Assam, Darjeeling, and Kenyan black teas. There's a hint of wintergreen in the aroma of the dry leaf.

Both the aroma of the dry leaf, and the character of the brewed cup is surprisingly un-Keemun like. Keemun usually has a strong warming quality, and this tea had a more cooling quality, a lot like Darjeeling.

Only a hint of the characteristic Keemun aroma. I definitely detect floral tones, even in later infusions.

Works well for multiple infusions. I liked producing 2 or 3, brewing Western-style. The later cups struck me as slightly more Keemun-like, but only slightly.

A pricey tea. If I were buying a tea of this price, because this is so similar to the top-notch Kenyan teas, I would prefer buying a Kenyan tea. If I want Keemun, I would prefer a Keemun with a more traditional taste. But this tea was still very pleasing and I would be glad to drink it often and in quantity.

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