Tea: Vanilla Bean Black Tea

A Vanilla Black Tea from Arbor Teas - O Organic - F Fair Trade

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Brand:Arbor Teas
Style:Vanilla Black Tea
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The dry leaves have a distinct aroma similar to vanilla extract, as would be expected but also an underlying chocolate aroma that sneaks in later. The teas leaves are small and have a very dark brown color.

After brewing, I couldn't really detect the vanilla aroma in the leaves. Instead, they gave off an earthy scent.

The tea itself is dark, somewhat bitter at first but there's a vanilla aftertaste that coats your tongue and lingers there for quite awhile. The aroma is very similar to that of the dry leaves, but with a more pronounced extract type scent (i.e., alcohol). A bit of sugar added offsets but doesn't hide the slight bitterness. Add some milk on top of that and the tea becomes very smooth and, surprisingly, brings out a hint of chocolate flavor.

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